How We Are Different

Video Resume

Our built in video resume feature allows you to easily create a 30 second video showcasing yourself and your skills to employers. Candidates who are hearing impaired can easily create videos and use sign language to communicate and connect.

Audio Cover Letter

Our voice recording feature allows candidates To create audio cover letters up to 2 minutes in length that will allow anyone looking to hire a candidate to hear their ability to communicate verbally.

Get Hired in 30 Seconds

The combination of a 30 second video intro, voice cover letter, and the ability to find candidates based on immediate availability, location and an instant interview through our built in video interview tool helps candidates get hired in 24 hours or less!

Our Verify me Blockchain Driven Feature

Allows for employers to search and find candidates who have references already available in the system reducing the time of on-boarding and getting better matches.

Mobihires Get Hired Faster

MobiHires is revolutionizing the way we land our next job !

Our app allows users to create an easy 30 second video resume and a 1-2 minute audio cover letter about their skill-set. Your profile is then placed in our video/audio database where potential employers can easily search, call or video interview the candidate instantly right from the app.

With video having a 65% recall effect, MobiHires allows candidates to stand out in ways a written resume never could.

Download MobiHires app now and you could have a new job in under 30 minutes.


For Candidates

Upload Video Resume

Upload Audio Cover Letter

Search Jobs Near You

Apply For Jobs

Receive Instant Video Interviews

For Recruiters

Upload Video & Audio Job Post

Search Candidates

Call Candidates Instantly

Instant Access To Video Interviews

Mobile and Desktop Access

For Companies

Showcase your company using our video feauture

Post Audio Job Post

Unlimited Video and Audio Job Post

Unlimited Candidate Views

Reporting & Desktop Scheduling Tools









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Experience an easy way to connect and showcase yourself to employers around the world! Designed to make it easy for anyone to showcase their talent. MobiHires is crafted from years of hiring and helping companies find talent by changing the way we connect to employers. We help employers stay focused on you and not the technology.

Our Team

Jamie Cid Founder CEO MobiHires Get Hired Faster and Better

Jamie (Founder | CEO)

Jamie uses her expansive network to empower her team and create companies based on values, heart and the needs of a global economy while creating social impact.

Jessica Social Media Manager MobiHires Get Hired Faster and Better

Jessica (Social Media Manager)

Jessica is our Social Media Manager, she is a born and bred texan. She loves to travel and seeing new places. She moved to California a few years ago, changed up her career and is now loving life and what she does!

Ananth Sivagnanam CTO MobiHires Get Hired Faster and Better

Ananth Sivagnanam (CTO)

Ananth is an experienced technology leader cum social innovator, who takes pride in enabling Customers. As a delivery manager, his goals include Digital transformation and faster value delivery ways.

Dencer Gracer Tech Lead MobiHires Get Hired Faster and Better

Dencer (Technical Lead)

Dencer is our Technical Lead. He is passionate about developing mobile applications. He loves to write code both as a hobby and production level. He has been writing code for over a decade in total and professionally for three years.

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